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We are a vibrant and sociable club in South West London. As the biggest hockey club in London we offer hockey for everyone, young and old. Let us be your hockey home, join the Wayfarers Family today!

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What's on

Saturday 10 November 2018
09:30A KPLadies 51:0Wanderers Ladies 5sSurrey Div 4
10:30H BP-FCenturions2:3PHC Chiswick Men's VetsLHL VetsD2
11:00A JAGMen's 5s5:1Tulse Hill and Dulwich Men's 3sLHL Div 3
12:00A BoELadies 94:0Bank of England Ladies 2Surrey Div 10
12:00H BP-FMen's 1s(+)Oxford University Men's 1st
South Prem 1
12:30A SRBSLadies 71:7Surbiton Ladies 7sSurrey Div 6
12:30H SCHSLadies 63:3Chertsey Thames Valley Ladies 1st XISurrey Div 6
12:30A HOPLadies 33:3London Edwardians Ladies 2Surrey Div 1
13:15A ASLadies 13:1Maidenhead Ladies 1sSouth Div 1
13:30H CPLadies 21:2Oxted Ladies 1Surrey Div 1
14:00H KPMen's 2s2:1Wimbledon Men's 3sLHL Div 1
14:00H SCHSLadies 80:1Camberley and Farnborough Ladies 3XISurrey Div 10
15:00A OCSVikings5:4Oxted Men's 2sLHL Div 2
15:00H CPLadies 42:0Camberley and Farnborough Ladies 1XISurrey Div 3
15:30H KPMen's 3s2:2Hampstead and Westminster Men's 5sLHL Div 2
16:00A LVSGBarbarians4:1PHC Chiswick Men's 5sLHL Div 6
16:30A HOPPirates0:1Kings Alleyns Mens 3rd XILHL Div 5
Sunday 11 November 2018
10:30A LPBSBoys U16A(+)Bromley and Beckenham Boys U16 PMJHL BU16 P2
not played (Lon)
11:30H NPBoys U10A 7s(+)Guildford Boys U10
12:00H CPLadies 23:2Spencer Women's 4
EH Cup game
12:30H BP-NGirls U14A0:3Spencer U14 HornetsHCGL U14 C
13:00A AHCBoys U14A3:1Ashford (Middlesex) Boys U14MJHL BU14 ChW
13:15A SPHCBoys U12A0:0Spencer BU14 Cyclones MJHL BU14 Dev C
14:00H BP-NBoys U14C(+)Cheam U14 BoysMJHL BU14 Dev S
Postponed Cheam
14:30A UCSGirls U12F 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster Girls U12HCGLF GU12 7s A
14:30H DC-MBoys U16B1:2Hampstead and Westminster U16B BluesMJHL BU16 ChC
15:00A GSFGirls U14C2:2Woking U14G WhirlwindsHCGL U14 Dev A
15:30H BP-NBoys U14B5:2Spencer TornadoesMJHL BU14 ChS
Saturday 17 November 2018
00:00A tbcCenturions(+)Maidenhead Men's VetsLHL VetsD2
10:00A DMLadies 6(+)Barnes Ladies' 5sSurrey Div 6
10:30H BP-FLadies 5(+)Old Kingstonian Ladies' 2sSurrey Div 4
10:30H CPMen's 3s(+)Bromley and Beckenham Mens 3sLHL Div 2
11:00H SCHSLadies 8(+)Old Kingstonian Ladies' 3sSurrey Div 10
11:00A HOPMen's 1s(+)London Edwardians Men's 1s
South Prem 1
11:30A TSSCVikings(+)Old Tonbridgians XILHL Div 2
12:00H CPLadies 7(+)Oxted Ladies 2Surrey Div 6
12:30H SCHSMen's 5s(+)Old Loughtonians 3s (Foresters)LHL Div 3
13:00A KICLadies 9(+)Camberley and Farnborough Ladies 3XISurrey Div 10
13:15A StPaLadies 2(+)Sunbury and Walton Hawks Ladies 1Surrey Div 1
13:30A SHCSOutlaws(+)Southgate Men's 5sLHL Div 5
14:00H KPLadies 1(+)Teddington Ladies' 1sSouth Div 1
14:00H SCHSBarbarians(+)Barnes Men AccidentalsLHL Div 6
15:00H BP-FLadies 3(+)Old Cranleighans Ladies 1Surrey Div 1
15:30H KPPirates(+)Wimbledon Men's 5sLHL Div 5
16:30A KCS2Ladies 4(+)Wimbledon Ladies DevSurrey Div 3
Sunday 18 November 2018
10:00A PRWGirls U12E 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster U12G BluesHCGL U12 F
10:30A SGCSGirls U12A(+)Old Georgians Girls U12 FireHCGL U12 B
10:30H SCHSGirls U14B(+)Richmond U14G CaracalsHCGL U14 H
11:00H AHCBoys U12A(+)Ashford (Middlesex) Boys U14DMJHL BU14 Dev C
11:15A PWHCBoys U12B 7s(+)Purley Walcountians U12 BoysMJHL BU12 7s
11:30H NPGirls U11B 7s(+)Richmond U12G EAGLESHCGL U12 K
12:00H SCHSGirls U16A(+)Epsom HC U16 Girls Dev BHCGL U16 Dev E
12:00H CPGirls U14F(+)Wimbledon GU14 IceHCGL U14 Dev M
12:15A WSGirls U11C 7s(+)Kenley U12 GirlsHCGL U12 H
12:30A RGS2Boys U14C(+)Reigate Priory Polecats U14B DMJHL BU14 Dev S
12:30H BP-NGirls U9A 7s(+)Spencer Girls U9HCGLF GU9 7s
12:30H BP-NGirls U9A 7s(+)Wimbledon GU9 SapphiresHCGLF GU9 7s
12:30H BP-NGirls U9A 7s(+)Richmond U9 GirlsHCGLF GU9 7s
13:00A PWHCGirls U14E(+)Purley Walcountians U14 GHCGL U14 Dev K
13:00A St.BGirls U18A(+)Ealing U18 GirlsHCGL U18 Dev
13:00H DC-MBoys U16A(+)Guildford Boys U16
EH BU16 Champ T1 Gp10
13:15A StMGirls U14A(+)Teddington U14G
13:30H CPGirls U14D(+)Tulse Hill and Dulwich GU14 MistralsHCGL U14 Dev G
13:30A OSLGirls U12B 7s(+)Epsom HC Girls U12 BHCGL U12 A
13:30A OSLGirls U12C 7s(+)Epsom HC Girls U12 CHCGL U12 B
13:30H DC-TGirls U11A 7s(+)Barnes Barnes GU12 BHCGL U12 G
14:00H BP-NGirls U14G 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster Girls U14HCGLF GU13/14 7
14:00H BP-NGirls U14G 7s(+)Brighton and Hove Girls U14HCGLF GU13/14 7
14:00H BP-NGirls U14G 7s(+)Addiscombe U13/14 G festivalsHCGLF GU13/14 7
14:45A SPHCGirls U14C(+)Spencer GU14 LacewingsHCGL U14 Dev A
15:00A QHMWBoys U16B(+)Richmond Boys U16MJHL BU16 ChC
15:00A BSSBoys U14B(+)Guildford Boys U14DMJHL BU14 ChS
15:00H BP-FBoys U14A(+)Richmond Boys U14DMJHL BU14 ChW
15:30H BP-NGirls U11E 7s(+)Wimbledon GU11 JaguarsHCGLF GU11 7s
15:30H BP-NGirls U11E 7s(+)Richmond U11G Lions 7 asideHCGLF GU11 7s
15:30H BP-NGirls U11E 7s(+)Tulse Hill and Dulwich U11 girls festivalsHCGLF GU11 7s

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