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England Hockey Club of the Year 2019

We are a vibrant and sociable club in the heart of London. As the biggest hockey club in the country we offer hockey for everyone, young and old. Let us be your hockey home, join the Wayfarers Family today!

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What's on

Today: Saturday 25 January 2020
10:30H BP-FOutlawsPHC Chiswick Men's 3sLHL Div 3
11:00A SHBarbariansBarnes Men's 4sLHL Div 5
11:00H SCHSJaguarsSurbiton Ladies 7sSurrey Div 6
11:30A RPHSLadies 4Wimbledon Ladies 4Surrey 2
11:30A ASLadies 1Maidenhead Ladies 1sSouth Div 1
11:30A CoLAMen's 5sLondon Academicals Men's 2nd XILHL Div 2
12:30H SCHSEaglesMerton Ladies 2Surrey Div 10
12:30H WHSMen's 1sBanbury Men's 1s
South Premier 1
13:00A RPHSFoxesWimbledon Ladies 6Surrey Div 6
13:00A BWMen's 2sHavant Men's 2s
Hamp/Surrey 1
13:30A OCSLadies 2Oxted Ladies 1Surrey Prem
14:00A BPMen's 3sSpencer Men's 4sLHL Div 1
14:00H KPLadies 3EUHC Gamblers London Ladies1Surrey 2
14:00H SCHSLadies 5Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 4Surrey Div 4
14:00H WHSVikingsSpencer Men's 5sLHL Div 1
14:30A TDCenturionsOld Cranleighans BarnstormersLHL O40 D2
14:30A KICWolvesCamberley and Farnborough Ladies 3XISurrey Div 10
15:30H KPPiratesSpencer TitansLHL Div 4
Saturday 18 January 2020
10:30A QHMWOutlaws1:2Richmond GriffinsLHL Div 3
10:30H BP-FMen's 5s1:5Clapham Common Men's 1sLHL Div 2
12:00H BP-FLadies 42:1Camberley and Farnborough Ladies 1XISurrey 2
12:30H SCHSWolves(+)Old Kingstonian Ladies 4Surrey Div 10
12:30H WHSLadies 20:2Reigate Priory Ladies 1sSurrey Prem
13:00A UCRPirates3:0Slough Men's 2sLHL Div 4
13:00A TGSEagles1:6Old Kingstonian Ladies' 3sSurrey Div 10
14:00H KPMen's 3s2:6Oxted Men's 3sLHL Div 1
14:00H SCHSCenturions5:5Richmond Men's VetsLHL O40 D2
14:00H WHSMen's 2s(+)Basingstoke Men's 1XI
Hamp/Surrey 1
14:30A BAMen's 1s(+)Wycombe Mens 1s
South Premier 1
15:00A RGS2Ladies 56:4Reigate Priory Ladies 2Surrey Div 4
15:00A OCSJaguars0:1Oxted Ladies 2Surrey Div 6
15:00A LCLadies 1(+)PHC Chiswick Ladies 1s
15:30H KPBarbarians1:2Richmond DeerstalkersLHL Div 5
Sunday 19 January 2020
00:00A tbcGirls U14E(+)Purley Walcountians U14 GHCJL U14 Dev A
11:15A RLHSGirls U12D 7s6:3Wimbledon GU11 JaguarsHCJL U12 Dev D
11:15A HAMBoys U10B 7s(+)Spencer Boys U9HCJL BU10 7s
12:30H BP-NGirls U12E 7s(+)Epsom HC Girls U12 EHCJL U12 Dev E
12:30H BP-NGirls U11B 7s(+)Epsom HC Girls U12DHCJL U12 DevA
12:45A MSCGirls U11E 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster U11G BluesHCJL GU11 7s
13:00A QHMSGirls U14C(+)Richmond LeopardsHCJL U14 Dev L
13:00H DC-MBoys U14C(+)Sunbury and Walton Hawks Boys U14DHCJL BU14 Dev C
13:30A TGSGirls U11C 7s2:2Old Kingstonian U12G GreensHCJL U12 Dev F
13:30A UCSGirls U14G 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster Girls U14HCJL GU13/14 7
13:30H DC-TGirls U10A 7s4:3Addiscombe Girls U12HCJL U12 Dev B
13:30H WHSMixed(+)Burnt Ash (Bexley) Mixed
EH Cup Mixed T1
14:00H BP-NGirls U14F(+)Harrow U14G PanthersHCJL U14 Dev C
14:30A SBHWGirls U11D 7s(+)Old Cranleighans Girls U12 DHCJL U12 Dev G
Frozen pitch
Sunday 26 January 2020
09:45A MSCGirls U12F 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster Girls U12HCJL GU12 7s A
10:20A RPHSBoys U10A 7s(+)Wimbledon BU10 EaglesHCJL BU10 7s
10:30H KPBoys U12A(+)Surbiton BU14 Dev CHCJL BU14 Dev S
11:30H SCHSGirls U14B(+)Ealing U14Gs EaglesHCJL U14 E
12:00H CPGirls U12B 7s(+)Guildford Girls U12 7s-1HCJL U12 P-D
12:00A UCSGirls U16A(+)Hampstead and Westminster U16G BluesHCJL U16 F
12:30A KGSGGirls U16B(+)Old Kingstonian U16G OrangesHCJL U16 Dev F
13:15A SPHCBoys U18A(+)Spencer BU18HCJL BU18 C
13:30H BP-FGirls U11A(+)Hampstead and Westminster U12G Blues (11)HCJL U12 A
13:30H DC-TBoys U12B 7s(+)Old Cranleighans Boys U12BHCJL BU12 7s
13:30H DC-TBoys U12B 7s(+)Horsham U12 BoysHCJL BU12 7s
13:30H DC-TBoys U12B 7s(+)Oxted Boys U12HCJL BU12 7s
13:30H WHSBoys U14C(+)Ashford (Middlesex) Boys U14DHCJL BU14 Dev C
13:45A SGCTBoys U12C 7s(+)Old Georgians Dragons Boys U12HCJL BU12 7s
14:00H BP-NBoys U14B(+)Old Georgians Boys U14 FireHCJL BU14 ChC
14:30H DC-MBoys U16A(+)Spencer Boys U16HCJL BU16 C
15:00H BP-FGirls U14A(+)Epsom HC U14 GirlsHCJL U14 B
15:30H BP-NBoys U16B(+)Addiscombe Boys U16HCJL BU16 DevS
Saturday 01 February 2020
10:00A RPHSPirates(+)Wimbledon Men's 5sLHL Div 4
10:30A PWHCLadies 5(+)Purley Walcountians Ladies 1sSurrey Div 4
10:30H BP-FLadies 2(+)Spencer Women's 2Surrey Prem
10:30H CPLadies 4(+)Spencer Women's 4Surrey 2
12:00H BP-FLadies 1(+)Teddington Ladies' 1sSouth Div 1
12:00H CPBarbarians(+)Southgate Men's 5sLHL Div 5
12:30A KPLadies 3(+)Wanderers Ladies 4sSurrey 2
12:30H SCHSFoxes(+)Old Georgians Ladies 2sSurrey Div 6
12:30H WHSMen's 2s(+)Surbiton Men's 3s
Hamp/Surrey 1
13:30A RLHSEagles(+)Berrylands Ladies 1Surrey Div 10
14:00H KPWolves(+)Old Cranleighans Ladies 4sSurrey Div 10
14:00H SCHSMen's 5s(+)Southgate Men's 4sLHL Div 2
14:00H WHSMen's 3s(+)London Wayfarers VikingsLHL Div 1
14:00A WHSVikings(+)London Wayfarers Men's 3sLHL Div 1
14:30A IGMen's 1s(+)Indian Gymkhana Men's 1s
14:30A SBOLOutlaws(+)Surbiton Men's 4sLHL Div 3
14:45A BSWJaguars(+)Guildford Ladies' 3sSurrey Div 6
15:30H KPCenturions(+)Spencer Men's VetsLHL O40 D2
Sunday 02 February 2020
00:00A tbcBoys U12A(+)Epsom HC Boys U14 DHCJL BU14 Dev S
10:15A KCS1Girls U9A 7s(+)Wimbledon GU9 EmeraldsHCJL GU9 7s
10:30H KPBoys U10B 7s(+)Spencer Boys U9HCJL BU10 7s
10:30H KPBoys U10B 7s(+)Marlow BU9 Festival AHCJL BU10 7s
10:30H KPBoys U10B 7s(+)Wimbledon BU10 HawksHCJL BU10 7s
11:15A HAMGirls U14C(+)Spencer GU14 LacewingsHCJL U14 Dev L
11:15A MSCGirls U10B 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster U10G WhitesHCJL GU10 7s
12:00H CPBoys U14C(+)Ealing U14 BoysHCJL BU14 Dev C
12:30H BP-NGirls U11E 7s(+)Spencer Girls U11HCJL GU11 7s
12:30H BP-NGirls U11E 7s(+)Richmond U11G Eagles 7 asideHCJL GU11 7s
13:00A AHCBoys U10A 7s(+)Ashford (Middlesex) U10 BoysHCJL BU10 7s
13:00H SCHSGirls U14D(+)Chertsey Thames Valley Girls U14HCJL U14 Dev B
13:15A JAGBoys U16B(+)Tulse Hill and Dulwich Boys U16HCJL BU16 DevS
13:30H DC-TGirls U12D 7s(+)Epsom HC Girls U12 CHCJL U12 Dev D
13:30H DC-TGirls U11C 7s(+)Hampstead and Westminster U12G WhitesHCJL U12 Dev F
13:30H WHSGirls U14B(+)Spencer GU14 TigermothsHCJL U14 E
14:00H BP-NBoys U14A(+)Holcombe Boys U14
EH BU14 Tier 2
14:15A RPHSBoys U14B(+)Wimbledon BU14 WarriorsHCJL BU14 ChC
15:30A RPHSBoys U16A(+)Wimbledon BU16 Thunder
EH Cup BU16 T2
15:30H BP-NGirls U16A(+)Tulse Hill and Dulwich Girls U16HCJL U16 F
16:00A TDGirls U12E 7s(+)Old Cranleighans Girls U12 BHCJL U12 Dev E

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