Welcome to London Wayfarers Hockey Club

We are a vibrant and sociable club in South West London. As the biggest hockey club in London we offer hockey for everyone, young and old. Let us be your hockey home, join the Wayfarers Family today!

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What's on

Saturday 15 September 2018
10:30A RLHSLadies 8(+)Mitcham Ladies 1
10:30H BP-FMen's 2s(+)Wapping Men's 2s
11:00H SCHSLadies 50:7Barnes Ladies' 4s
12:00H BP-FMen's 1s(+)Wapping Men's 1s
13:30A BPLadies 20:1Wanderers Ladies 2s
14:00H KPLadies 32:4Richmond Ladies 2
15:00A SPENLadies 4(+)Spencer Women's 5
15:00H CPBarbarians0:4EUHC Gamblers London Men's 3
15:30H KPLadies 6(+)Spencer Women's 6
Saturday 22 September 2018
10:30H BP-FLadies 4(+)Epsom HC Ladies 3Surrey Div 3
11:00H SCHSLadies 6(+)London Wayfarers Ladies 7Surrey Div 6
11:00A SCHSLadies 7(+)London Wayfarers Ladies 6Surrey Div 6
12:30A DCLadies 5(+)Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 4Surrey Div 4
12:30A SCHSMen's 5s(+)London Wayfarers Vikings
12:30H SCHSVikings(+)London Wayfarers Men's 5s
12:30A SCHSMen's 5s(+)London Wayfarers Vikings
12:30H SCHSVikings(+)London Wayfarers Men's 5s
13:30A LCOutlaws(+)PHC Chiswick Men's 3s
Pre-season friendly
14:00H KPLadies 2(+)London Wayfarers Ladies 3Surrey Div 1
14:00A KPLadies 3(+)London Wayfarers Ladies 2Surrey Div 1
14:00A SCHSMen's 1s(+)London Wayfarers Men's 2s
14:00H SCHSMen's 2s(+)London Wayfarers Men's 1s
15:00A LCBarbarians(+)PHC Chiswick Men's 5s
Pre-season friendly
15:00H BP-FLadies 1(+)Wimbledon Ladies' 1ASouth Div 1
15:30A KPLadies 8(+)London Wayfarers Ladies 9Surrey Div 10
15:30H KPLadies 9(+)London Wayfarers Ladies 8Surrey Div 10
Sunday 23 September 2018
00:00A tbcGirls U12D 7s(+)Bromley and Beckenham Girls U12HCGL U12 C
11:15A NschGirls U14E(+)Cheam Girls U14 DevHCGL U14 Dev K
11:30H NPGirls U11A 7s(+)Teddington U12G PinksHCGL U12 G
12:00A BSSGirls U14C(+)Guildford Girls U14CHCGL U14 Dev A
12:30A IGGirls U12E 7s(+)Indian Gymkhana Girls U12HCGL U12 F
12:30H BP-NGirls U14D(+)Old Cranleighans GU14 HurricanesHCGL U14 Dev G
13:00A PRSGirls U14F(+)Hampstead and Westminster U14G Whites BHCGL U14 Dev M
13:30H BP-FGirls U12A(+)Richmond PanthersHCGL U12 B
15:00H BP-FGirls U18A(+)Sevenoaks Girls U18 BHCGL U18 Dev
15:00A OSLGirls U11B 7s(+)Epsom HC Girls U12DHCGL U12 K

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