Flyerz Hockey can have an amazing positive impact on the Flyerz, siblings, parents and coaches. Read more about their experiences below.

Mum Charlotte about Raphael’s experience (Nov 2020)

Raphael loved the session today. It’s one of the best run sports sessions I’ve been to so well done for setting it up! Such an amazing feeling to feel included.

Lisa with Daniel, Kieron & Freya (3 Nov 2020)
Lisa talks about how they all enjoy the Flyerz Hockey sessions:

I’d never imagined hockey would be something my profoundly disabled sons would be able to take part in, let alone something they might enjoy, but several weeks on after an initial Flyerz pan disability taster session, both they, sometimes their younger sister, a willing carer and I find ourselves running up and down a floodlit hockey pitch, chasing after a ball with a stick – in all weathers – with our new hockey buddies, being cheered on by the team of fantastic London Wayfarers Flyerz coaches and volunteers!

The boys and my daughter have been warmly welcomed into the Flyerz family, the coaches and volunteers have taken the boys & disabilities in their stride, thinking about ways in which the activities and equipment can be adapted to make each session inclusive, the game more accessible for them and enable them to participate just as much as anyone else.

It’s difficult to admit that I’d completely underestimated my sons’ reactions to learning to play hockey, but taking them to the Flyerz pan disability sessions has shown me how much they enjoy this team sport: their new hockey buddies are a real friendly and diverse bunch – the boys love hanging out with both the older guys and younger kids who go along each week. The warm ups and warm downs have the boys in stitches – they think it’s quite funny that their carer and I have to do all the running around while we push them in their wheelchairs…

I love seeing their focus when they track the ball and watching their response when they pass the ball or receive it from another player during pre-match practice. But the best bit has to be the mini game at the end of the session when everything they’ve learnt is put into play! They both love the excitement, especially being in the thick of it and tackling for possession of the ball or taking a shot at the goal!

Win, lose, hail, rain, shine, whatever your ability or experience – Flyerz pan disability hockey sessions are great fun – why not give it a try?!

Trevor (Dad) & Oliver Watt, aged 9 – Student at Greenmead (29/10/2020)
Trevor explains what impact it has had on Oliver and the whole family:

Having the opportunity to play a sport or take part in an activity in a supportive SEND environment is crucial for Oliver. Flyerz Hockey has been able to give us as a family that opportunity. Oliver’s desire to learn a new set of skills has greatly improved in just a short time with London Wayfarers Flyerz. In the past Oliver has tried other sports but unfortunately these were with mainstream children at a level that was more suited to his abilities. Sadly that has never worked out for him as the other children develop faster than he is able to and his interest has dropped off.

The “Flyerz Hockey” initiative is ideal as it is fully inclusive and well supported by enthusiastic coaches, good facilities and appropriate equipment. The format is also great as it is tailored enough to allow maximum participation across all abilities. As well as providing access to the sport, Flyerz Hockey has had other bonuses such as providing us, as a family, the opportunity to join in an activity together. Oliver’s general well being has improved as he enjoys the physical activity and the social aspect of interacting and participating with his fellow players. At home, we have also seen a huge improvement in Oliver’s desire to independently communicate by using his sign language unprompted to share with us his new activity and experiences at hockey.

I would definitely recommend as an activity to try even if sport and/or hockey isn’t normally your first choice.

Ben Cutmore (aged 12) – Student at Oak Lodge
In Ben’s words:

Like going to hockey because it entertains me. Love going to hockey as it teaches me more skills and it is fun.

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