Senior Membership Fees 2018-19

Senior Full Member £320
Senior Goalkeepers with own kit £160
Senior Flex Member £220 (Ten games only)
Senior Occasional Member £117 (Five games only)

We do not charge any separate match fees for the categories above.

Junior Membership Fees 2018-19

Sunday – First playing child £130
Sunday – Subsequent playing child (10% discount) £117
Performance mid-week training (invite only) £160
Summer term hockey training (10 weeks from April) TBC
Junior Alumni (25% of first playing child) £30

Payment Dates

All senior section membership fees must be fully paid by 1 December by a single payment or four instalments. Please check payment deadlines below and transfer the amounts owed into the relevant London Wayfarers bank accounts. The following options are available:

BEFORE 9 September 2018

– Junior Full Member (1st child) : one payment of £130

– Junior Full Member (subsequent child): one payment of £117


1. Senior Full Member : one payment of £320

3. Senior Full Member (GK Own Kit) : one payment of £160

4. Senior Flex Member : one payment of £220

5. Senior Occasional Member : one payment of £117


Only the Senior Full Membership can be paid in four equal monthly payments of £80 starting 1 September. Missing any of the instalment deadlines will result in outstanding fees to become due in full immediately.

There are opportunities to qualify for discounted fees in exchange for services to London Wayfarers Hockey Club. These will be assessed on a first come, first served basis. Please contact the Club Treasurer or Section Captains for details.

All outstanding debts from prior seasons must be paid in full prior to 1 September of the current season. In addition, existing members with outstanding debts to the club must pay their current membership fees in full by 1 September and will not be entitled to pay by instalments.

Team captains are advised to nominate a member of their squad responsible for ensuring all membership fees guidelines are enforced. Failure to ensure a squad has paid fees in line with the guidelines threatens the financial survival of our club.

There will be no grace period for late payments so members are advised to set up standing orders to avoid invalidating their membership during the playing season. This will result in members no longer being eligible to play for London Wayfarers Hockey Club. For full details on your rights and obligations as a member please read the Membership Code.

Bank Account Details – Juniors

London Wayfarers Hockey Club Colts
Sort Code: 60-24-69
Account Number: 10073949
Reference: Junior SURNAME followed by initial

Bank Account Details – Seniors

London Wayfarers Hockey Club
Sort Code: 60-40-05
Account Number: 31117848
Reference: SURNAME followed by initial

Membership Categories

Full Membership – entitles players to all training, friendly matches and league matches for the entire season. Applies to seniors and juniors.

Senior Flex Membership – entitles players to all training, up to 10 matches (includes both friendlies and league matches) for the entire season. Only available after agreement by Club Treasurer.

Senior Occasional Membership – Entitles players to all training, up to five matches (includes both friendlies and league matches) for the entire season. Players wishing to play occasionally with London Wayfarers Hockey Club must pay £117 up-front by 1 October.

In the event of a flex or occasional member playing more than the allowed number of matches, they must join a different membership category and amend their status accordingly.

Each senior squad is required to have a minimum of 18 full-time members prior to accepting Flex or Occasional members.

Back to Hockey Membership – has been set up especially for those new or returning to hockey. It is a training only membership with dates to be confirmed at a later stage during the season. Members can then upgrade to one of the other membership categories.

Junior Alumni – enjoy the opportunity to occasionally train & play with your year group, in addition to knowing about hockey camp and/or tour opportunities.

Match Teas Reimbursement

London Wayfarers Hockey Club will continue to provide teas for HOME LEAGUE matches only. Where arrangements have been agreed with providers adjacent to pitches, teams should seek to use only these arrangements. Please contact our Events Officer, Mike Pun, or the Section Captain if you need more information on agreed providers or have any questions.

Someone in each home team should pay for teas on the day and submit the receipt WITHIN FOUR WEEKS of the match day. This will then be reimbursed by the Finance team. Tea expenses will not be refunded without a receipt. Claims for teas will only be paid out up to four weeks after the game to which they relate. No receipt, no payment – look after them and send them to us. Receipts can be scanned, mailed, photographed and texted or handed to any member of the Finance team.

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