Boys U14C

Team Info

Team Manager:  Jo Darley

League: Mercian Junior Hockey League

Division: Boys U14 Development South

Training: Sun 13.00 - 14.30 at Dulwich College

Next Fixture

Kenley Boys U143-0MJHL BU14 Dev S30/09/18 @ 12:15AWS
Restricted Scoreline.
Surbiton BU14 Dev B5-0MJHL BU14 ChS 30/09/18 @ 14:00HBP-N
Old Cranleighans Boys U145-0MJHL BU14 ChS 14/10/18 @ 13:30ATD
Purley Walcountians Boys U14D3-1MJHL BU14 Dev S14/10/18 @ 15:00HBP-F
Sunbury and Walton Hawks Boys U14D3-0MJHL BU14 Dev S21/10/18 @ 14:30HBP-N
Epsom HC Boys U14 D4-3MJHL BU14 Dev S04/11/18 @ 10:30ABS
Wimbledon BU14 Warriors2-2MJHL BU14 ChS 04/11/18 @ 11:30AKCS2
Cheam U14 Boys(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S11/11/18 @ 14:00HBP-N
Postponed Cheam
Spencer BU14 Cyclones 5-2MJHL BU14 ChS 11/11/18 @ 15:30HBP-N
Reigate Priory Polecats U14B D4-1MJHL BU14 Dev S18/11/18 @ 13:00ASB
Guildford Boys U14D5-0MJHL BU14 ChS 18/11/18 @ 15:00ABSS
Woking Boys U14(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 25/11/18 @ 12:00HCP
Was 28/10.
Surbiton BU14 Dev B(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 02/12/18 @ 00:00A
Kenley Boys U14(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S02/12/18 @ 15:00HBP-F
Purley Walcountians Boys U14D(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S16/12/18 @ 12:00APWHC
Old Cranleighans Boys U14(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 16/12/18 @ 15:00HBP-F
Brighton and Hove Boys U14 (+)MJHL BU14 Dev S13/01/19 @ 13:30HBP-F
Old Kingstonian Boys U14A(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 13/01/19 @ 15:00HBP-F
Sunbury and Walton Hawks Boys U14D(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S03/02/19 @ 00:00A
Woking Boys U14(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 03/02/19 @ 13:45AGSF
Wimbledon BU14 Warriors(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 17/02/19 @ 13:00HDC-M
Epsom HC Boys U14 D(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S17/02/19 @ 13:30HBP-F
Spencer BU14 Cyclones (+)MJHL BU14 ChS 24/02/19 @ 00:00A
Cheam U14 Boys(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S24/02/19 @ 13:00ANsch
Reigate Priory Polecats U14B D(+)MJHL BU14 Dev S10/03/19 @ 15:00HBP-F
Old Kingstonian Boys U14A(+)MJHL BU14 ChS 24/03/19 @ 10:30ATGS
Brighton and Hove Boys U14 (+)MJHL BU14 Dev S24/03/19 @ 11:30ABMS

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