External Competition

London Hockey League

Masters (O40s) Division 2 2019/20

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Spencer Men's Vets1515007596645
2- Guildford O40s17103454361833
3- Reading Redsox159153933628
4- Old Kingstonian Men's Vets178363640-427
5- Crawley Men's Vets157084536921
6 Wimbledon Masters 2nds166192943-1419
7 Richmond Men's Vets185584453-920
8 Old Cranleighans Barnstormers153482040-2013
9 Maidenhead Men's Vets1842122756-2914
10- London Wayfarers Centurions162593154-2311

Playing today/awaited : 5

No future fixtures.

28 March 2020
London Wayfarers Centurions(+)Reading Redsox
Reading request 3/11/wayfarers advice
Spencer Men's Vets(+)Crawley Men's Vets
Crawley keepers injured/Spencer agree rearrangemen
21 March 2020
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets(+)Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Crawley Men's Vets(+)Spencer Men's Vets
Reading Redsox(+)Guildford O40s
Wimbledon Masters 2nds(+)London Wayfarers Centurions
14 March 2020
Guildford O40s3-1Richmond Men's Vets
Crawley Men's Vets(+)Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Corona virus
London Wayfarers Centurions0-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Maidenhead Men's Vets2-4Reading Redsox
07 March 2020
Crawley Men's Vets5-0London Wayfarers Centurions
Wayfarers conceded
Guildford O40s5-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
Maidenhead conceded
Reading Redsox1-2Spencer Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets7-3Wimbledon Masters 2nds
29 February 2020
Spencer Men's Vets6-0Guildford O40s
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-5Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Maidenhead Men's Vets2-4Richmond Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers1-1Reading Redsox
22 February 2020
Crawley Men's Vets5-0Wimbledon Masters 2nds
wimbledon short/Cralwey claiming game
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets0-2Richmond Men's Vets
Reading Redsox5-0London Wayfarers Centurions
London Wayfareres unable to raise side
Guildford O40s8-0Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Maidenhead Men's Vets0-5Spencer Men's Vets
Maidenhead conceded
15 February 2020
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets5-0Crawley Men's Vets
Crawley conceded/lack of players
Spencer Men's Vets5-0Richmond Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers1-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions3-6Guildford O40s
08 February 2020
Reading Redsox(+)Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Wimbledon couldn't raise side
Spencer Men's Vets(+)Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
OC's couldn't raise a side
Richmond Men's Vets5-0Crawley Men's Vets
Crawley cancelled Thurs night
Maidenhead Men's Vets2-1London Wayfarers Centurions
01 February 2020
London Wayfarers Centurions1-3Spencer Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-1Guildford O40s
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets5-0Reading Redsox
Reading Redsox conceded/ no team
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers2-2Richmond Men's Vets
25 January 2020
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers2-2London Wayfarers Centurions
Reading Redsox3-0Crawley Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets2-2Guildford O40s
Maidenhead Men's Vets0-2Wimbledon Masters 2nds
original result entered incorrectly
18 January 2020
Crawley Men's Vets1-3Guildford O40s
London Wayfarers Centurions5-5Richmond Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-6Spencer Men's Vets
11 January 2020
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers0-3Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Crawley Men's Vets3-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets1-2Reading Redsox
Spencer Men's Vets4-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
14 December 2019
Crawley Men's Vets8-1Reading Redsox
rerranged from Oct Reading short of players
Wimbledon Masters 2nds5-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
rearranged from 12/10
07 December 2019
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers2-3Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets5-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
rearranged from 16/11
Guildford O40s2-4Reading Redsox
London Wayfarers Centurions3-1Wimbledon Masters 2nds
30 November 2019
Reading Redsox6-2Maidenhead Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets3-1London Wayfarers Centurions
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers5-0Crawley Men's Vets
Crawley conceded/injuries
Richmond Men's Vets1-1Guildford O40s
23 November 2019
Maidenhead Men's Vets6-2Guildford O40s
Spencer Men's Vets5-0Reading Redsox
Reading conceded 20/11
Wimbledon Masters 2nds3-2Richmond Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions2-6Crawley Men's Vets
16 November 2019
Guildford O40s1-4Spencer Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets4-1Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Reading Redsox2-3Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
09 November 2019
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers1-3Guildford O40s
Spencer Men's Vets5-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
2-0 entered incorrectly by Spencer
Wimbledon Masters 2nds3-1Crawley Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets0-1Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
02 November 2019
Guildford O40s4-1London Wayfarers Centurions
Maidenhead Men's Vets5-0Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
OC's conceded email 4/11
Crawley Men's Vets5-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Ok's couldn't raise a side
Wimbledon Masters 2nds2-3Reading Redsox
Agreed due to half term
Richmond Men's Vets1-6Spencer Men's Vets
26 October 2019
Crawley Men's Vets9-3Richmond Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions3-3Maidenhead Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers1-3Spencer Men's Vets
19 October 2019
Spencer Men's Vets6-1London Wayfarers Centurions
Guildford O40s4-1Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Reading Redsox1-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets2-2Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
12 October 2019
London Wayfarers Centurions5-0Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
OC's couldn't raise a side
Guildford O40s5-3Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
05 October 2019
Richmond Men's Vets3-3London Wayfarers Centurions
Guildford O40s4-1Crawley Men's Vets
Spencer Men's Vets2-1Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Maidenhead Men's Vets3-3Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
28 September 2019
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1-13Spencer Men's Vets
Reading Redsox6-0Richmond Men's Vets
Maidenhead Men's Vets2-1Crawley Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-0Old Cranleighans Barnstormers