The Junior section at London Wayfarers Hockey Club continues to go from strength to strength. This season we launch our new Boys U16 and Girls U18 squads, but…

We are already preparing for these squads for the 2027/28 season with our current crop of Year 1 London Wayfarers. Under lead coaches Ailsa Carter and Chris Ganney, our 20+ London Wayfarers 5 and 6 year olds are getting an excellent introduction to hockey through fun games such as “Old People” where our future hockey champions pretend to be old people in their “hockey positions”, as well as messy bedrooms, pirates and sharks and many other fun hockey-related games. Some of these players will be in their 2nd or 3rd year of hockey and will also be learning this season how to turn out, what a V-drag is, how to slap pass and also the mechanics of a t-hawk.

“Aim for the sky, shoot low and have fun” would be a good motto for the London Wayfarers Year 1 crew.

The future of hockey is bright, Orange & Black bright!

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