After a rearrange of timings, London Wayfarers Ladies 6s take on the Old Freemans Ladies 1s in a chilly battle at Streatham and Clapham High School.

Being next to each other in the league and no umpire 5 minutes before, London Wayfarers 6s finish up with a 2-2 draw.

Lets see what the girls have to say about their performance.


“Started slow but developed and improved ending in a nail biting finale”
Suzie Squire, Centre mid.

“With a slap in the face and some stern words from captain Otter at half time (enough to make anyone spill their water). The Ladies 6’s took the game by storm and played a strong determined second half”.
Jemima Walsh, Striker.

“Turns out pre game brunch makes for a somewhat sleepy start to a match. However strong teamwork pulled us back into the game.”
Georgia Spain, One half of centre back dynamic due.

“Sluggish start, minor tantrum and throw of the boot during half time team talk, following which the girls pulled up their socks and remembered their big girl pants”.
Captain Emily Otter & honorary fog horn (available for christenings and carol singing – please contact my agent) – other half of the dynamic duo.

“A fantastic cast of players made this match a nail biting and exciting watch for the dedicated supporters. Really picked up the pace in the second half with great moments throughout”.
Rhona Taylor, Striker

“Last minute guest appearance from the beautiful Chloe Fosbrook with her umpiring debut. Fashion never letting her down in an always sheek blue banana jumper”
India Jackson, left mid.

“The opposition seemed to have an ally on their side… The cold. However the fiery chants from the 9s on the side line ensured we battled out till the end”.
Victoria Hill, midfield.

“A slightly slow start, but much more determination in the second half. With great goals from Jem and Sophie followed by top pyramid skills post match”
Emily Newey, left forward.


This was the London Wayfarers Ladies’ 6s 3rd match draw in a row. Can they up their game and get goals up next week?

Keep your eyes peeled.

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