A match report from the Men’s 2s this week was a little bit  different – to say the least. Happy reading!

Twas a chilly noon with rain a plenty as the men’s 2s approached Kennington Park,
But though it wasn’t dry our spirits were high on the back of our Oxford lark.

We entered the field with a sizeable squad, and Max* as number 17,
Southgate we faced, Pete’s lid a disgrace, as we took on top of the league.

An early goal rallied the troops as we established a deserved lead,
But complacency set in when we sought out our win, perchance it was the sense of greed.

Half time came and we gathered dismayed
as a sharp finish left us one down,
And little was helped when TFC Santi got a card for chat – the clown.

Though the chaps fought back with some goalbound hacks and the game became one of ping pong,
The oppo were keen and like a well oiled machine regained the lead after not long.

Though we didn’t bend the knee 3 points was not to be as we eventually went down 5-4,
But we’re still up there in the table and our skills are well fabled, so the boys are ready for more.

MOM to Good Santi who was rather handy, We wish you a safe flight back to Bolivia,
As for the rest of us some cold beers were must so many thanks to Olivia!

*not a real person

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