London Hockey League

Division 1 2019/20

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Oxted Men's 3s13121070234737
2- HAC Gunners13102151262532
3- Old Tonbridgians XI1382338182026
4- London Wayfarers Men's 3s1362537261120
5 Spencer Men's 5s136163640-419
6 London Wayfarers Vikings125253327617
7- Wimbledon Men's 4s124262228-614
8- Richmond Lions134182038-1813
9- Spencer Men's 4s123092240-189
10- Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s132292664-388
11- Teddington Men's 3s1321102550-257
25 January 2020
Old Tonbridgians XI6-1Richmond Lions
Spencer Men's 4s1-2London Wayfarers Men's 3s
London Wayfarers Vikings3-4Spencer Men's 5s
Oxted Men's 3s14-2Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
Teddington Men's 3s2-6HAC Gunners
18 January 2020
Spencer Men's 5s3-1Spencer Men's 4s
HAC Gunners6-2Wimbledon Men's 4s
London Wayfarers Men's 3s2-6Oxted Men's 3s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s0-2Old Tonbridgians XI
Richmond Lions0-3Teddington Men's 3s
11 January 2020
Richmond Lions3-1Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
London Wayfarers Vikings3-5HAC Gunners
Old Tonbridgians XI2-1London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Teddington Men's 3s3-0Wimbledon Men's 4s
Oxted Men's 3s4-3Spencer Men's 5s
07 December 2019
London Wayfarers Vikings1-2Wimbledon Men's 4s
Richmond Lions1-1London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Old Tonbridgians XI4-0Spencer Men's 5s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s2-2Teddington Men's 3s
Spencer Men's 4s1-3HAC Gunners
30 November 2019
Spencer Men's 5s4-3Richmond Lions
HAC Gunners1-3Oxted Men's 3s
Teddington Men's 3s1-3London Wayfarers Vikings
Wimbledon Men's 4s2-0Spencer Men's 4s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s1-9London Wayfarers Men's 3s
23 November 2019
Spencer Men's 4s1-2London Wayfarers Vikings
Wimbledon Men's 4s2-5Oxted Men's 3s
Old Tonbridgians XI0-1HAC Gunners
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s5-4Spencer Men's 5s
London Wayfarers Men's 3s5-1Teddington Men's 3s
16 November 2019
London Wayfarers Vikings3-4Oxted Men's 3s
Spencer Men's 5s3-1London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Teddington Men's 3s4-7Spencer Men's 4s
HAC Gunners2-1Richmond Lions
Wimbledon Men's 4s2-2Old Tonbridgians XI
09 November 2019
Richmond Lions2-0Wimbledon Men's 4s
Oxted Men's 3s7-2Spencer Men's 4s
Old Tonbridgians XI4-1London Wayfarers Vikings
Spencer Men's 5s4-3Teddington Men's 3s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s3-6HAC Gunners
02 November 2019
London Wayfarers Vikings5-0Richmond Lions
HAC Gunners3-2London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Teddington Men's 3s0-2Oxted Men's 3s
Wimbledon Men's 4s1-1Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
Spencer Men's 4s3-2Old Tonbridgians XI
26 October 2019
Richmond Lions1-4Spencer Men's 4s
Old Tonbridgians XI3-3Oxted Men's 3s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s0-5London Wayfarers Vikings
Spencer Men's 5s5-5HAC Gunners
London Wayfarers Men's 3s3-0Wimbledon Men's 4s
19 October 2019
Spencer Men's 4s2-6Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
London Wayfarers Vikings2-2London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Oxted Men's 3s6-0Richmond Lions
Teddington Men's 3s2-4Old Tonbridgians XI
Wimbledon Men's 4s5-1Spencer Men's 5s
12 October 2019
London Wayfarers Men's 3s6-0Spencer Men's 4s
HAC Gunners8-0Teddington Men's 3s
Spencer Men's 5s1-2London Wayfarers Vikings
Richmond Lions1-2Old Tonbridgians XI
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s2-7Oxted Men's 3s
05 October 2019
Spencer Men's 4s0-2Spencer Men's 5s
Oxted Men's 3s5-1London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Wimbledon Men's 4s1-2HAC Gunners
Old Tonbridgians XI6-1Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
Teddington Men's 3s2-4Richmond Lions
28 September 2019
Wimbledon Men's 4s5-2Teddington Men's 3s
HAC Gunners3-3London Wayfarers Vikings
London Wayfarers Men's 3s2-1Old Tonbridgians XI
Spencer Men's 5s2-4Oxted Men's 3s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s2-3Richmond Lions