London Hockey League

Division 1 2020/21

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Old Tonbridgians XI55003172415
2- Spencer Men's 4s55001751215
3- London Wayfarers Men's 3s541023101313
4- Surbiton Men's 3As5302161159
5 London Wayfarers Vikings5302141229
6 Richmond Men's 3s5302111019
7 Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s5212151237
8 Clapham Common Men's 1s5203913-46
9- Spencer Men's 5s5104520-153
10 Teddington Men's 3s5104623-173
11 Kings Alleyns Mens 2nd XI5005820-120
12 Wimbledon Men's 4s5005618-120

Playing today/awaited : 2

24 October 2020
London Wayfarers Vikings3-2Richmond Men's 3s
Spencer Men's 5s0-2Teddington Men's 3s
Clapham Common Men's 1s2-5Spencer Men's 4s
Surbiton Men's 3As3-5London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Old Tonbridgians XI6-1Kings Alleyns Mens 2nd XI
Wimbledon Men's 4s1-2Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
17 October 2020
Richmond Men's 3s1-4London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s7-1Spencer Men's 5s
Spencer Men's 4s3-0Wimbledon Men's 4s
Old Tonbridgians XI2-0Clapham Common Men's 1s
London Wayfarers Vikings5-2Kings Alleyns Mens 2nd XI
Teddington Men's 3s0-5Surbiton Men's 3As
original result input incorrectly
10 October 2020
Spencer Men's 5s1-3Spencer Men's 4s
Kings Alleyns Mens 2nd XI2-3Richmond Men's 3s
Surbiton Men's 3As3-2Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
Clapham Common Men's 1s3-2London Wayfarers Vikings
Old Tonbridgians XI8-2Wimbledon Men's 4s
H&A swap 16/01/21
London Wayfarers Men's 3s7-1Teddington Men's 3s
03 October 2020
Richmond Men's 3s3-0Teddington Men's 3s
Spencer Men's 4s3-2Surbiton Men's 3As
London Wayfarers Vikings3-2Wimbledon Men's 4s
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s4-4London Wayfarers Men's 3s
Old Tonbridgians XI7-1Spencer Men's 5s
Kings Alleyns Mens 2nd XI2-3Clapham Common Men's 1s
26 September 2020
Spencer Men's 5s2-1Clapham Common Men's 1s
Richmond Men's 3s2-1Wimbledon Men's 4s
Surbiton Men's 3As3-1Kings Alleyns Mens 2nd XI
Teddington Men's 3s3-8Old Tonbridgians XI
London Wayfarers Men's 3s3-1London Wayfarers Vikings
Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s0-3Spencer Men's 4s
19 September 2020
London Wayfarers Vikings(+)Teddington Men's 3s
Due to league not starting until 26/9
Wimbledon Men's 4s(+)Spencer Men's 5s
Due to league not starting until 26/9
Old Tonbridgians XI(+)Hampstead and Westminster Men's 4s
Due to league not starting until 26/9