Richmond Men's Vets6-0LHL O40 D2 28/09/19 @ 13:00HSLW
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1-0LHL O40 D2 19/10/19 @ 11:30H
Wimbledon Masters 2nds3-2LHL O40 D2 02/11/19 @ 13:30AKCS2
Agreed due to half term
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers2-3LHL O40 D2 16/11/19 @ 13:00HSLS
Spencer Men's Vets0-5LHL O40 D2 23/11/19 @ 14:30AHAM
Reading conceded 20/11 Walkover to Spencer
Maidenhead Men's Vets6-2LHL O40 D2 30/11/19 @ 16:30HSLW
Guildford Men's Vets4-2LHL O40 D2 07/12/19 @ 12:00ABSW
Crawley Men's Vets1-8LHL O40 D2 14/12/19 @ 12:00AHAZ
rerranged from Oct Reading short of players
Richmond Men's Vets2-1LHL O40 D2 11/01/20 @ 11:00AQHMW
Crawley Men's Vets3-0LHL O40 D2 25/01/20 @ 14:30HSLW
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets0-5LHL O40 D2 01/02/20 @ 11:30ATGS
Reading Redsox conceded/ no team Walkover to Old Kingstonian
Wimbledon Masters 2nds(+)LHL O40 D2 08/02/20 @ 16:30HSLW
Wimbledon couldn't raise side
London Wayfarers Centurions5-0LHL O40 D2 22/02/20 @ 12:00HSLW
London Wayfareres unable to raise side Walkover to Reading
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers1-1LHL O40 D2 29/02/20 @ 10:00ATD
Spencer Men's Vets1-2LHL O40 D2 07/03/20 @ 11:30HSLW
Maidenhead Men's Vets4-2LHL O40 D2 14/03/20 @ 10:00AAS
Guildford Men's Vets(+)LHL O40 D2 21/03/20 @ 14:30HSLS
London Wayfarers Centurions(+)LHL O40 D2 28/03/20 @ 14:00AKP
Reading request 3/11/wayfarers advice