Ladies 2s

Team Info

Captain: Gemma Watson and Kathy Hofmeyer

League: Surrey Ladies’ Hockey League

Division: Premier Division

Training: Wed 18.30 - 20.00 at Battersea Park

Next Fixture

No fixture details are currently available.
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Surbiton Ladies' 2s1-3EH W2Cup 30/10/16 @ 14:00ASRBW
Sevenoaks Ladies' 2s2-3EH W2P 05/02/17 @ 13:30HBP-N
Wycombe Ladies 2s(+) 09/09/17 @ 13:10ACX
Woking Ladies' 2s(+)Surrey Prem 23/09/17 @ 00:00A
Reigate Priory Ladies 1s(+)Surrey Prem 30/09/17 @ 12:00HRPHS
London Edwardians Ladies 1(+)Surrey Prem 07/10/17 @ 15:30AHOP
Oxted Ladies 1(+)Surrey Prem 14/10/17 @ 00:00A
Spencer Women's 2(+)Surrey Prem 04/11/17 @ 10:30HBP-F
Barnes Ladies' 2s(+)Surrey Prem 11/11/17 @ 00:00A
Surbiton Ladies 4's(+)Surrey Prem 18/11/17 @ 12:00HCP
Epsom HC Ladies 2s(+)Surrey Prem 25/11/17 @ 00:00A
Richmond Ladies 1s(+)Surrey Prem 02/12/17 @ 14:00HKP
Woking Ladies' 2s(+)Surrey Prem 09/12/17 @ 12:00HBP-F
Reigate Priory Ladies 1s(+)Surrey Prem 13/01/18 @ 00:00A
London Edwardians Ladies 1(+)Surrey Prem 20/01/18 @ 10:30HBP-F
Oxted Ladies 1(+)Surrey Prem 27/01/18 @ 10:30HCP
Spencer Women's 2(+)Surrey Prem 03/02/18 @ 00:00A
Barnes Ladies' 2s(+)Surrey Prem 24/02/18 @ 15:30HSCHS
Surbiton Ladies 4's(+)Surrey Prem 03/03/18 @ 11:00ASRBW
Epsom HC Ladies 2s(+)Surrey Prem 10/03/18 @ 12:30HSCHS
Richmond Ladies 1s(+)Surrey Prem 17/03/18 @ 15:45AQHMW
P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Barnes Ladies' 2s00000000
2- Epsom HC Ladies 2s00000000
3- London Edwardians Ladies 100000000
4- London Wayfarers Ladies 200000000
5- Oxted Ladies 100000000
6- Reigate Priory Ladies 1s00000000
7- Richmond Ladies 1s00000000
8- Spencer Women's 200000000
9- Surbiton Ladies 4's00000000
10- Woking Ladies' 2s00000000

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